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Most Internal Combustion engine uses Hydrocarbon fuel (PETROLEUM) to generate energy, during combustion (BURN) of Diesel or Petrol in the engine. The by-product of a complete combustion is supposed to produce water vapor (H2O).

In reality, the engine produces 2 primary by-products when Petrol or Diesel fuel not completely burned during combustion, they are CO (Carbon Monoxide) and HC (Hydro-carbon), which are POLLUTEN release by EXHAUST EMISSION.

CO, is an un-stable and TOXIC-GAS

CO is un-stable compound of one CARBON and one OXYGEN molecule. To make it (CO) into a stable compound, means that whenever CO is produced, it will STEAL an OXYGEN molecule from its environment (eats up oxygen) to form carbon dioxide. When we, humans are exposed to CO, the CO will “EAT-UP” all the OXYGEN within the blood, causing death from SUFFOCATION, which is why CO is a dangerous and toxic gas.


HC is stable compound, it is commonly called BLACK SMOKE. This is the physical pollution that cause HAZE that “BLANKET” Earth, reducing sunlight transmission which we know to be bad for our health and plant life. It is basically the combination of CARBON and WATER particles.
We know that it is environmentally un-friendly therefore it is our duty to REDUCE this HC as much as possible.

It is the “clouding effect” by the HC (power hydro carbon) component, of the earth, which stops the heat from escaping from our planet. The trapped heat will create more heat that melts the ice-caps (which is suppose to cool other parts the world) causing temperature to increase more and more yearly.

Generally, acid rain can be explained as:

Acid rain is primarily caused by HC emissions that happens naturally on our planet. Yet because of rapid development on our planet, we have created modern comforts that produces more of the HC emissions. The excess emission means that the rate of neutralizing the emission have been reduced causing the emission to “hang-around” the sky.

The hanging around emission is then absorbed into our cloud system, the water content causes chemical reaction to the emission that creates water content that have acidity. This acidity caused deterioration of our statures, offices, houses, greeneries and even our water eco-system.