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Producing more oxygen in the combustion chambers, this extra oxygen enables a more complete burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber. Which means that environmentally harmful emission is reduced to greatly to water vapor (total burning of fuel produces water vapor only).
After the combustion, DMPS POWER also produces silicon, which protects the walls of the combustion chamber, this silicon lubricates the chamber where the engine lubricates cannot reach.

DMPS Power is an organic additive that will mix well with the organic hydrocarbon fuel which we use in most car engines, because of its ability to mix well, it will produce more oxygen to help with burning of the fuel.

Some are worried that the additive may damage their engine.

To test if it will damages the engine, simply buy a bottle and leave the bottle on the shelve for 1 week (because most cars have petrol in their fuel tank for about 1week before refuelling), then see with your own-eyes if there is any sediments at the bottom of the bottle.

If there is sediment, the additive will most definitely damage your engine because your engine cannot burn solid fuel, even liquid fuel it is having problem to fully burn it, what do you think it will do with solids in your fuel system.


  • Extra oxygen in your combustion chamber means more complete burning of your fuel.
  • More complete fuel burn means lesser harmful fuel emission, less pollution.
  • Extra silicon produced within the fuel combustion chamber means better lubrication resulting in less friction which produces more power output. Consquently your engine sound smoother.

You can feel the power surge of your engine, the extra power. Or, You will feel the impact on the engine by a “jerking motion”. Then you will have to change your fuel filter, it means that POWER is working on your fuel system.

The jerking motion is due to the fuel system being cleansed. The carbon build up in the combustion chamber is burned off and washed away to the exhaust pipe, which could show black soot coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Continue to use it until the carbon are cleaned from the fuel system. The carbon that is in the fuel piping is washed away to the fuel filter. The carbon is trapped there causing jerking of the engine, because there is less fuel going to the combustion chamber because of the carbon in the fuel filter. These two signs are the best way to tell whether DMPS POWER is working for you.