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Simply add 1 bottle to your car petrol tank eury RM 40.00, larger tank capacity will need more of DMPS-POWER.

Simply pour the conveniently packed bottle of DMPS-POWER DIRECTLY in with your FUEL, BEFORE (for better mix of DMPS with your fuel) you fill up your petrol tank.


Because DMPS-POWER not only gives power and SAVES money on your fuel, DMPS-POWER also CLEANS your FUEL SYSTEM. We recommend, when you EXPERIENCE DMPS for the first time, you follow the recommended usage:

INITIAL USAGE – DOUBLE the normal mix requirement to CLEAN the fuel system.

That means if you have a PROTON with tank capacity of 60 litres, you MIX 3 bottles of DMPS into your fuel tank with your FIRST DMPS-POWER experience. There after, use only 1 bottle 50ML every RM 40.00 of petrol (because you will fill up before your fuel tank gets empty).

IF, you feel a splutter on your first experience with DMPS-POWER. Take your car in to CHANGE your FUEL filter and carburetor service (clean).The “splutter” means, your engine’s FUEL SYSTEM have been CLEANSED-OFF its carbon build up and the carbon have been WASHED off to the FUEL FILTER.

(This is normal, especially when you have not followed the RECOMMENDED car service schedule, should also have the FUEL filter replaced to improve OXYGEN intake into the combustion chamber to get even better and cleaner combustion)

Power gives you 18% normal fuel economy which means you get to travel further, 18% further in km on the normal fuel tank while increases the engine power and reduces gas pollution by up to 50%. Other key benefits of using DMPS Power are:


  • Travel further on the same tank of fuel. If you travel for 500km before refuelling, then 18% savings means EXTRA 90km further before your next refuelling.
  • Comfortable driving with extra power due to less engine friction and better combustion.
  • Decarbonise your “combustion system”.
  • Cleans the spark plugs, means less maintenance costs to your car.
  • Easy starting of engine in the morning, means less worry about engine trouble.
  • Less pollution means healthier environment.

a. Carbon Monoxide (CO) 52.6% which can kill people
b. Hydrocarbon (HC) 30.6%

POWER can be use anytime, because it is mixed with your petrol when you fuel up, it cleanse your fuel system from its carbon build up.

Please note that DMPS POWER only cleans your fuel system, that means only the path that your fuel travels to. The other parts of the engine require other lubricants to keep your engine in peak condition.

DMPS POWER does not clean your whole car engine, you will still need to take the car to the mechanic for regular servicing.

Rest assured that your fuel supply system is in good condition after the initial service of our “fuel filter” and “carburetor filter”.

Power can be obtained in major petrol stations. The petrol station that cares about your engine life and cares about the environment, major car and motorcycle workshops.

Or Become our distributor to make a positive contribution to our environment. hywhang@gp.com.my